Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nov 06, 2013 - Always Busy with Translation

I have always been busy in doing sales training and translating Desteni's economist journey to Life blog. Currently not many people are reading/aware of the blog but I translate as most as possible into my blogs. Hopefully people will be interested in what we present here - as a global solution to take care of everyone equally with Living Income Guarantee.

These few months have been intense training in sales, and since it's winter time, sun is going down fast, not much opportunity to go for door knocking and I have more time to do translation for Desteni material into Chinese.

We have group chat every week and Sunette sometimes Marlen take the chair and lead us in group chats. Mainly how to get more attention from the public and support LIG, or how to walk our process.

Monday, August 12, 2013

5 Years Witness with Desteni

I am Fred Siu Fai Cheung from Richmond, Canada. I was born in Hong Kong, I finished my Business Computer Studies Hi-Diploma in Hong Kong Lingnan University. I joined the Desteni Research Group through the Equal Life Foundation in July, 2008 when I started the investigation.

 At first I watched their videos on youtube, after a few videos I was astonished for the stories/materials that they presented in the videos are definitely not like anything I have heard of before. I keep waching the videos and start reading their articles in their forum. The more I read/watch, the more I found they are very special/interesting stories, with the most shocked are so many people after life come back and share their experience and view points on the current situation of earth and their lives.

 After a lot of reading and watching videos for almost a month, I was very conviced that this girl/portal(Sunette) is definitely doing something that no one on earth can do. If you watch Desteni's videos, nobody has ever changed tonality/gesture(from a boy to a girl) in any channeling I know to a degree that the portal/the girl totally change her tone/gestrue everything from a boy into a girl. You can easily see that. I/you can easily see that is a man, a woman or a boy or a girl inside the portal/her body speaking. They also have an article of over 50 different beings who have died and come back, sharing how they die, their view of their death, how they feel now, how they feel about the earth's current crisis.

 So seven months later I decided to help. I see myself as a Chinese can help in translating their videos/articles. So I tell them, they invite me to their private forum. And I have been sticking there ever since.

 Desteni is a group of people that are all drawn by the messages of the portal/Bernard, where the point is find a equilibrium way to sustain everyone on earth. Give everyone equally a dignified life. We are  promoting Equal Money system, Equal Money Capitalism then to now Living Income Gurantee. Desteni is a group of people who has seen for themselves the common sense in the messages shared by the Portal and Bernard Poolman. We have chats with the group where we support each other and discuss various things. A main point in this is to change the capitalistic worldsystem to a system that supports life for every one equally, which started with promoting the Equal Money System.  This developped via the Equal Money Capitalism to a Living Income Quaranteed, as a way to start working with the concept of providing a living income for everyone on earth equally as a birthright. Which is a concept that is not easily grasped as we are all controlled by the idea that we have to 'earn money' before we have a right to live.

 It is always about how can we make the group strong/make more people understand the World's current dire situation, how to awake the people. How to help everything/everyone including animals, nature and earth. To educate us, make us awake of what is the situation that we are facing after we die. Bernard always Encourage us to ask questions. So whenever we have questions we will ask in chat. Sometimes when I have very important and facing difficult situations I would email to Bernard and ask for advices too. His answers are always best for all, including best to me. So these are very good support and guidance.

 Bernard and Sunette have provided totally unconditional support for us. Desteni is not a charity organization and nobody really care about investing into Desteni, except few Destonians. So They have to provide all these unconditional support to us and also need to find ways to sustain themselves and the group. Because as we all know in this simple common sense - In the current world system, without money for even a second then you die! Wouldn't you agree? Can you survive without money and no food on the table for 1 day? No, I can't neither can you.

 After I joined Desteni for 5 years, I never regret everyday. Everyday become very meaningful to me. All my questions are answered and my biggest question or the ultimate question that has been troubling me for my whole life is: What happened after death? I don't want to cease to exist, I want to live forever. With Desteni, it has tons of video and information providing for free, for everyone including myself to educate themselves and Desteni has provided all these support and evidence for free.

 Through Desteni's tools like self-forgiveness and self-corrective application, I found I can clear my past burdens, my guilt, my hatred I call all release my past and have a fresh start again. I become a person that can really release my past. Like I used hate my father for being a miser. I swear to god that I hate him so much that I want him to disappear on earth forever. After studying Desteni's material, I understand that he is me and how he treated everyone is because of how we/I treated others in the past or past lives, so he is being in this life treat us so bad and mean. I cannot blame him and blame won't change anything/my outer world. I self-forgive myself for what I/he has done to me and others. I don't know whether he will forgive me for what I did to him but definitely I can face him in calm when we meet again.